ECG Machines

ECG Machines For Medical

Full product line of cardiology machines from a simple screening device for insurance exams on up to units that provide an electrocardiograph report with extensive rhythm studies needed in a Cardiology office. Choose from major manufacturers such as Midmark, Mortara, Edan or Welch Allyn. These cardiology machines will interprete and analyze data for pediatrics and adults using a 12 lead resting electrocardiogram analysis program. Some ECG devices have color touch screen displays and battery operation. These ECG devices are generally simple and intuitive to operate.

There are many changing laws, regulations and tax benefits resulting from the Affordable Health Care Act. Clinics who use EMR get favorable tax benefits. So, connectivity is becoming a standard feature even on many of the simple less sophisticated ECG machines. The ability to download, store and transfer data is now incorporated into most units.

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