Refurbished Autoclaves

Refurbished Used Autoclaves For Sale

Over the past twenty-five years, sterilizers has professionally refurbished over a thousand used autoclaves. We have a fully-equipped technical facility in which we utilize state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. We help bring steam autoclaves back to life by restoring them that are sometimes considered beyond repair and beyond their prime.

As compared to other medical devices, autoclaves are relatively simple to operate. The most expensive parts of an autoclave, such as the chamber, plumbing, chassis, and housing, can last for many decades. It is important to note that repeated heating and pressure cycles result in by-product build-up that accumulates within the chamber, reservoir, and pipelines as a result. Furthermore, over the course of time, electrical components, seals, sensors, and switches will also deteriorate over time. With proper refurbishment performed by a trained technician, an autoclave purchased second-hand can be refurbished back to its original factory reliability.

It is our goal to provide our customers with used medical autoclaves, used dental sterilizers, and large and small used autoclaves for labs and scientific uses, hospitals and surgery centers, veterinarians, and all industries requiring a sterilizer.

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