Colposcopes by Wallach, Bovie Medical and Seiler

Colposcopy equipment - Here you will find product brochures and information for the use of the gynecologist and surgery center. There are colposcopes available for sale from Wallach, Bovie Medical, and Seiler. You can browse our store for these affordable units that have excellent LED optical quality, meaning they have brightness, clarity, and have an evenly illuminated image. They all have a wide range of zoom or fixed magnification including some with stepped magnification while others are continuous zoom colposcopes with exceptional optics and performance. It is possible to mount the equipment in a variety of ways, for example, a balanced swing arm stand, pedestal-style stands, and even over-the-shoulder mounts. The eyepieces are comfortable to use and come with diopter adjustment for correcting myopia (short sightedness) and hypermetropia (long sightedness). Although usually the focal length of a colposcopist is fixed, in some cases it may be variable to allow the colposcopist to be positioned optimally for the procedure. Each unit is equipped with good even light and a green filter. Optional accessories include live images and a video camera with digital formats.

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