Bovie ColpoMaster Colposcopes

Bovie ColpoMaster Colposcope - Colpo-Master I, II and III

If you need a less expensive option than Wallach for your Colposcope needs, Bovie's got it! Want to get rid of eyestrain? Bovies got it! Want suspension and swing arm? Bovie's got it!. Bovie is a trusted brand and offers a comparable alternative with all the bells and whistles. The Bovie Colpomaster Colposcope has all the features that are important to you without the higher price tag! It is ideal for your GYN office whether for exams or procedures.

The new Bovie ColpoMaster Colposcopes are rapidly gaining popularity in women's health among gynecology, family practice and other clinics nationwide. The Bovie Colpo-master is sophisticated, affordable, and easy to use. It just might be the most important piece of technology in your office. It will enhance your diagnostic capabilities, speed procedure time, and ultimately, help you save more lives.

These procedures require excellent unparalleled stereoscopic vision with unsurpassed optics and a crisp 3D viewing. Continuous three step zoom magnification in 3.75x, 7.5x and 15x that can be changed with the the easy rotation of the knob and will stay in focus with no light loss at any magnification in almost every situation. The paired 12.5x Widefield eyepieces are complete with rubber eye-guards to provide safety and comfort to the user. No one has a better LED illumination that always puts out bright, white light with true color rendition that does not burn out or burn too hot.

For true video imaging, the Bovie Colpo-Master is a fully self-contained, stand-alone unit that incorporates light, power, and video into a unique, compact system. This breakthrough technology makes all the benefits of high-resolution video imaging more convenient, affordable, and satisfying for the patient and the physician.

The Colpo-Master is great for the GYN performing both exams and procedures. Choose a binocular or trinocular camera with 3 or 5 legged stands or pedestal bases. These colposcopes are precision optical instruments and an effective diagnostic tool that will provide many years of reliable service. Like all precision instruments the colposcope must be properly installed, reasonably cared for, and kept clean and dust free.

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