Blood Drawing Phlebotomy Chairs

Phlebotomy And Lab Blood Drawing Chairs from Clinton

Among the many products that Clinton Industries manufactures, there are quality phlebotomy draw chairs for the lab that offer superior patient support and are easy to use for technicians. Clinton is one of the most popular brands among clinics, hospitals, and laboratories because of the durable materials, different color options, and modular accessories. As a result of the wide range of capacity and size adjustments, Clinton is the ideal choice for accommodating tall or large patients. Developed for continuous use, the Clinton phlebotomy chairs can handle the demands of such an environment. Safety for patients and staff is ensured by the welded frames, reinforced stress points, and adjustable features of the chairs.

View our selection of standard, tall, wide, and bariatric phlebotomy chairs in every price range if you are in need of a Lab Blood Draw Chair.

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