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Sterilizers is a one-stop-shop for new or refurbished autoclaves for sale at a lower than average price. Also, find a diverse portfolio of autoclave repair parts and accessories such as spore testing, replacement racks and trays, ultrasonic cleaners, water distillers, and more. With 30 years of experience in the sales, support, and repair of table-top steam autoclaves, Sterilizers can answer all of your technical questions. Never again pay too much money for an autoclave that doesn't meet expectations or stays broken all the time. We will provide you with excellent value on both new and refurbished machines. Best of all, our shelves remain stocked with sterilizers that we can ship out today. At Sterilizers, we have a large selection of autoclaves for dental, medical, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, hospital, veterinary, and water utilities. Larger sterilizers are in stock for research laboratories, farming, and other related industries.

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