Coopervision Colposcopes

Coopervision Colposcopes - More Choices, Exceptional Solutions

CooperSurgical's highly versatile series colposcopes offer an optical pathway for a direct view. The colposcopes deliver the 3D image needed to detect subtle tissue abnormalities and to perform biopsies and surgery with optimum hand/eye coordination. These colposcopes utilize unique suspension system which is solid, yet easily adjustable. The result is total stability through the full range of motion. The exceptional clarity, automatic focus, high resolution and exclusive LED light source will dramatically reduce the cost of operation.

For any colposcopy procedure the right colposcope is crucial. CooperSurgical offers a variety of colposcopes to assist with applications from routine examination to advanced clinical needs as well as the all the necessary parts to operate and maintain them. Choose Leisegange or Wallach branded colposcopes.

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