Midmark M9 Refurbished Autoclave - 15 cycles

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Brand: Midmark Ritter
Condition: Refurbished
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Midmark M9-022 - Refurbished Autoclave Sterilizer - New Style

Buy a New or Refurbished Autoclave from Us and Enjoy 1 Hour FREE Phone Tech Support. Exclusively Available for Tuttnauer, Midmark, and Market Forge Sterilizers; Call us for more information!

Sterilizers.com sells refurbished Midmark autoclaves at a very competitive price. Upon receiving the product, you will find it has only a few cycles on the control board, as well as completely NEW safety mechanisms, controls, relays, condenser tube, overheat thermostat, valves, switches, filters, and more.

This refurbished M9 is the best choice if you are looking for a safe and dependable used autoclave. This product comes with a 90-day warranty, so you are fully protected. The Midmark M9 autoclave will provide the end-user with dependable service for many years to come. Using the M9 autoclave is simple and reliable. Load it, set it, and forget it. The M9 is well suited for use in a surgery center, medical clinic, industrial lab, doctor's office, dental practice, veterinary facility, or tattoo shop.

This unit makes an excellent sterilization tool for any sized facility or a backup autoclave for larger installations. The quick cycle time generates fast turnaround times for large volume requirements.

We have gone through a meticulous refurbishment process with this M9 Autoclave. Following is a list of some of the highlights:

  • We do a thorough inspection of ALL components, cosmetics, and functionality of the M9 autoclave
  • Replace all worn or faulty parts with new ones.
  • The frame and chassis are sanded and painted as needed.
  • We clean the reservoir tank of debris and particulates by removing them.
  • Make sure that the chamber and the reservoir are cleaned and polished. All lines are blown out.
  • The safety mechanism, the controls, relays, the condenser tube, the overheating thermostat, the valves, switches, filters, and any other parts as needed, are replaced.
  • Make sure that all moving parts are cleaned and lubricated.
  • Make sure that all pressure and water leaks are repaired.
  • The door is lubricated and checked for proper functioning.
  • Replace the door gasket and the dam gasket.
  • Test and calibrate the instrument in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Adding additional assurance by repeating the cycle testing.
  • Complete spore testing at various positions within the chamber.


  • Exclusive automatic-opening door for ease of use and a quick drying time
  • Steam-Flush Pressure Pulse Air Removal System ensures proper steam penetration
  • Self Program Controls enable you to create different cycle parameters to meet specific instrument processing needs.
  • Pre-Programmed controls for convenience
  • LCD Display for a comfortable view of indicators

Volume / Speed / Power

  • 3-1/2 gallons (13.25 Liters)
  • Holds two trays
  • Cycle time: Varies based on items to be sterilized - 3 to 30 minutes. Find the details in the user manual
  • Drying time: 30 Minutes
  • Electrical: 120 Volts, 1425 Watts, 50/60 Hz, 12 Amps

Dimensions / Weight

  • Overall Size: 15" (38.1 cm) W x 19" (48.3 cm) L x 16" (40.6 cm) H
  • Chamber: 9" (22.9 cm) D x 15" (38.1 cm) L
  • Large tray size: 8" (20.3 cm) W x 12" (30.5 cm) L x 1" (2.5 cm) H
  • Small tray size:5-1/2" (14 cm) W x 12" (30.5 cm) L x 1" (2.5 cm) H
  • Unit Weight: 70 lbs. (31.8 kg)

What's In the Box?

  • Refurbished Midmark M9 Autoclave
  • Operator Manual
  • 2 Trays
  • Power Cord
  • 5 Spore Testing Strips
90 Day Limited Warranty