Tuttnauer EZ9 Automatic Autoclave Sterilizer - Factory Refurbished

SKU: EZ9-FR - Redirect
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SKU: EZ9-FR - Redirect
Condition: Refurbished


Tuttnauer EZ9 (R) Autoclave Sterilizer - 9" Automatic

You won't find a cleaner low hour autoclave anywhere. In fact, it is very impressive that we are able to offer it with a fully year warranty.

Not only is Tuttnauer willing to stand behind it with their one year warranty it also fully meets the approval of Tuttnauer's factory trained and certified technician. They have inspected this autoclave from the inside out, and calibrated it to the manufacturer's specifications. It ships in the original factory box with the owner’s manual, three trays, power cord, and warranty card.

The EZ9 autoclave is designed for the industrial lab, busy surgery center, physician office, family practice dental office, veterinary practice or tattoo shop. The enhanced closed door drying and fully programmable drying time are the best in the industry. The roomy 9" x 18" 316L stainless steel chamber holds three 6.7" x 16.3" trays and is suitable for sterilization of liquids, media, surgical instruments, glassware, clothing or waste.
Meets regulations for Alberta Health Service hollow instruments

1. What is a "Factory Refurbished" Tuttnauer Autoclave Sterilizer ? These machines are either demonstration units or machines that were originally sold as brand new and returned to Tuttnauer because out of the box repairs were necessary. Tuttnauer will usually replace any new autoclave that fails to perform to manufacturer’s specifications during the first few weeks of ownership. The replaced autoclave is sent back to Tuttnauer for repair. Tuttnauer repairs the autoclave to like new condition and then re-sales them under the name "Factory Refurbished" These autoclaves have very low hours on them and are generally less than two years old.

*2. What is the Warranty?All automatic Factory Refurbished Tuttnauer autoclaves have a one year parts and labor (ship in warranty) If the autoclave is repaired by a third party in the field Tuttnauer will pay for parts. No labor charges will be covered unless the machine is shipped back to Tuttnauer or to Sterilizers for repair.

Whats In the Box?
* Factory refurbished EZ9 Autoclave Sterilizer
* Warranty card
* Power cord
* Three trays
* Tray holder
* Drain tube
* Operators manual

  • No plumbing required. ted reservoir.

  • Front panel controls.

  • Low water cut-off. This prevents burnout of heating elements.

  • Time saving reset button

  • Safety door automatically seals when pressurized and cannot open until depressurized.

  • 5 Gallons (19 Liters)

  • Holds 3 trays

  • Cycle Time: Varies based on items to be sterilized - 13 to 27 Minutes. Details can be found in user manual.

  • Overall Size:

  • Chamber:

  • Tray Size:

  • Unit Weight:

    90 lbs (40.8 kg)

  • Electrical:

    120 Volts, 1400 Watts, 50/60 Hz, 12 Amps