Threadlocker, Scican Autoclave Part: 53-100518A/RPA369

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Threadlocker 545 For Statim 2000/5000/900 Series Autoclave

Part #RPA369
OEM Part # (OEM Part # Not Available)


  • 5 per package
  • .02 fl. oz. per unit
  • Temperature range of -65°F to 300°F (-54? to 149?C)
  • Seals operating pressures up to 10,000 PSI
  • For use on all pneumatic and hydraulic fittings
  • Material: Loctite® 545; Color: Purple

This part fits Tuttnauer Autoclaves and Sterlizers Model(s):

  • 1730M
  • 1730MK
  • 2340M
  • 2340MK
  • 2540MK
  • 2540MKA
  • 3850M
  • 3870M
  • Valueklave (1730 MKV)

This part fits Scican Autoclaves and Sterilizers Model(s): Statim 2000, Statim G4 2000, Statim 5000, Statim G4 5000, Statim 900

This part fits Accessories & Supplies General Shop AIDS Model(s): Adhesives, Lubricants and Threadlocker

This part fits Plumbing General Shop AIDS Model(s): Copper Tubing, Metal Tubing Cutter and Tubing Bender, Plumbing Accessories

This part fits Kits General Shop AIDS Model(s): RPI Shop Aids Kits

Included In:

  • Field Service Smart Kit® (Part #SCK028)
  • Air Compressor Kit (Part #SCK020)
  • Check Valve Kit (Part #SCK011)
  • Push-In Elbow Fitting (Part #RPF363)