STEAMPlus Spore tor Strips - 100/Pack (SSI-100) - Class 5

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STEAMPlus Spore tor Strips - 100/Pack (SSI-100) - Class 5

"TELL ME RIGHT NOW". Did my autoclave kill the spores? The inexpensive solution of autoclave test strips offers peace of mind with an immediate read-out for every load. *note- This does not replace the legal need for your regular lab certified spore test.

Autoclave Spore Test Description: Scientifically engineered to te all 3 critical parameters of sterilization (time, temperature, and saturated steam). The STEAMPlus Sterilization tor on these autoclave test strips are certified to perform equal to a biological indicator plus an added safety factor.
Function: For use in ALL Steam (Gravity, vacuum and flash) sterilization processes.
Packaging: 100 per pack


Easy to Use 1. Process...the tor with normal load according to manufacturer's instructions. 2. Release the load if the dark bar on the tor has entered the blue SAFE area.

The SteamPlus tor is an immediate readout Class 5 device approved for use in all steam cycles. This four inch autoclave spore test strip has distinct pass/fail criteria and is cleared by the FDA as equivalent in performance to a biological indicator. This technology offers the highest level of sterility assurance in the form of a chemical indicator, but does not replace the routine use of a biological indicator.