Spore Test PassPort Plus Mail-In Kit - 12/Box (PP-012)

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Autoclave Spore Testing PassPort Plus Mail-In Kit - 12/Box (PP-012)

Unique to the industry, SPSmedical is the only manufacturer to offer an immediate readout tor along with the test strip (spore test). This allows customers to release their load with peace of mind based on the tor technology while waiting for the spore test results and legal documentation from our laboratory.

Steam test results are documented and reported back to the customer after 24 hours incubation. This system allows customers access to spore test results on-line (www.checkyourtest.com), and includes prepaid envelopes for each test. The PassPortPlus is also certified for use in Dry Heat, Chemical Vapor, and EO Gas processes.


  • An immediate read-out biological indicator system for all Steam processes


  • For use in ALL Steam (gravity, vacuum, and flash) sterilization processes

Whats In The Box?

  • 12 tests per pack and Educational CD Rom

Steps for Processing

  • 1. Process the tor and BI strip along with normal load according to manufacturers instructions.
  • 2. Release the load if the dark bar on the tor has entered the blue SAFE area.
  • 3. Mail the BI strip to SPSmedical for culturing using the prepaid envelope. After 24 hour incubation, you will receive a Sterilizer Test Report from our independent 3rd party laboratory.

Confidential Test Results

  • In case of sterilization failure, (spore growth), our lab will contact the end user immediately by telephone with recommendations as outlined by the CDC. The call is then followed up with a written report.

Maximum Shelf Life

  • Up to 2 years from the date of manufacture

FDA Registered Facility

  • SPSmedical is registered with and monitored by the FDA for compliance with GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices). Facility Registration No. 1319130