Clamp, Sleeve- A-Dec Dental Chair Part: 025-015-01/ADC035

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Sleeve Clamp - ADC035 (OEM No: 025-015-01)

Part No: ADC035
OEM Part No: 025-015-01

Sleeve Clamp

  • 20 per package
  • Material: Plastic
  • Fits: 1/4" OD tubing with 1/8" bar

Model(s) This Part Fits Adec Dental Chairs :

This part fits A-DEC Dental Chairs Model(s): Barbs & Barb Kits, Cascade 1040, Decade 1010, Decade 1011, Decade 1015, Decade 1020, Decade 1021, Handpiece Control Block Century II (38.0223.00), Handpiece Control Block Century Plus (38.0540.00), Performer I, Performer II, Performer III, Positioner 1030, Priority 1005

This part fits Dentsply Dental Ultrasonic Scalers Model(s): Cavitron BOBCAT 25 KHz - G115, Cavitron BOBCAT Pro - G130, Cavitron DualSelect Dispensing System - G118, Cavitron JET Plus - G132, Cavitron JET with SPS - G120, Cavitron Plus Scaler - G131, Cavitron Prophy-JET Air Polishing System - G122, Cavitron Select Scaler 25K - G121, Cavitron Select SPS 30K - G124, Cavitron SPS Surface Mount Ultrasonic Scaler - G98a, Cavitron SPS Ultrasonic Scaler - G119


Included in:

  • Barb Kit (Part #ADK080)
  • Handpiece Control Block (Part #ADK170)
  • Control Block Service Kit (Major) (Part #ADK190)
  • Handpiece Control Block (Part #ADK142)
  • Cup Fill Toggle Valve (Black) (Part #ADV179)
  • Cup Fill Toggle Valve (Gray) (Part #ADV180)
  • 2 Way Momentary Toggle Valve (Black) (Part #ADV181)
  • 2 Way Momentary Toggle Valve (Gray) (Part #ADV182)

Related parts that are also available but not included: Handpiece Control Block (Part #ADK142)