Hose, Return Kit Midmark Ritter Table Part:002-0118-00/MIH002

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Return Hose Kit For Exam Tables and Chairs

Part No: MIH002
OEM Part No: 002-0118-00

Return Hose Kit

  • Material: Neoprene
  • Length: ~18 in.
  • Fitting: 7/16-20 female both ends
  • See Notes below for Serial #'s this part fits.

Fits: Pump to Base
This Part Fits Midmark/Ritter Exam Tables & Chairs Model(s): 111, 112, 113, 114, 116, 117, 119, Evolution 75


Check Serial Numbers Here:

  • Fits Model 111: From Serial #K2726 thru present; from BX1000 thru BX2310; CA1000 thru CA1506
  • Fits Model 114: From Serial #L-1139 thru present
  • Fits Models 112, 113, 116 & 117: Fits All Serial #'s
  • Fits Model 119: From Serial # AN-1000 thru present; BY-1000 thru BY-2624; CA-1000 thru CA-1506: DF-1000 thru present; EM-1000 thru EM-4519; EN-1000 thru EN-1081
  • Fits Model Evolution 75: Serial #'s (-002);Serial#:DF, (-003);Serial#:DF, (-004);Serial#:EM, (-005);Serial#:EN, (-006);Serial#:DZ, (-007);Serial#:EY, (-008);Serial#:EZ