Filter, Particle Assembly For Dental Compressor Part: 86197/CMA084

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Particle Filter Assembly For Dental Compressor

Part No. CMA084
OEM Part No: 86197

  • Wilkerson brand F18; 5 Micron filter element
  • 1/2 FPT ports; Manual drain with 3/16" Barb Fitting
  • Transparent plastic bowl with bowl guard
  • Includes: Differential Pressure Indicator Part# CMI095 and Particle Filter Element Part CME085 and PM Sticker

Related parts that are available but not included: Mounting Bracket CMB100

Fits: Compressor Output Manifold / Wall Mount

This part fits Air Techniques Dental Compressors Model(s): Air Techniques, AirStar® 1, AirStar® 2-1, AirStar® 2-2, AirStar® 3, AirStar® 5, AirStar® 7, AirStar®10, AirStar®10C, AirStar®21, AirStar®21C, AirStar®22, AirStar®22C, AirStar®30, AirStar®30C, AirStar®50, AirStar®50C, AirStar®70, DR1 L-60, DR1 L-61, DR1 L-62, DR1 L-64, DR1 L-66, DR1 L-68, HP, L-60, L-61, L-62, L-62 (Brown Motor), L-64, L-64 (Brown Motor), L-64-115VAC, L-66, L-66 (Brown Motor), L-68, L-68 (Brown Motor), MODEL 60, MODEL 62, MODEL 64, MODEL 66