O-Ring For Ney-Porcelain Ovens & Midmark Autoclaves

Part No: RPO315
OEM Part No: 030-009-00
Industry Part No: AS568-009

  • 12 per package
  • Material: Nitrile (Buna N), Duro: 70
  • .208" ID x .348" OD x .070" C/S

This Part Is Also Included In O-Ring Kit (Part No: RPK404)

Fits: Vacuum Valve Stem

Model(s) This Part Fits:

Ney-Porcelain Ovens Dental laboratory Equipment Model(s): 650, 660, All Porcelain Ovens, Mark II, Mark III Mark IV

Midmark - Ritter Autoclaves and Sterilizers Model(s): M11, M11D, M9, M9D, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV,

A-Dec Dental Delivery Systems and Units Modesl(s): O-Rings, O-Ring Kits, Tools & Lubricant