Element, Foam Various Name Brand Dental Compressor Part:AAF-100/CMF013

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Foam Element For Name Brand Dental Compressors

Part No: CMF013
OEM Part No: 77007079 / AAF-100

Foam Element

  • Size: 2" dia. x 2" lg.
  • PM sticker is included and can be attached to Assembly for recording date that filter was replaced.

Fits: Vacuum Relief Valve Assembly

This part fits Apollo/Midmark Dental Vacuum Units Model(s): AVB10RR, AVB10SR, AVB10TNR, AVB15RR, AVB15SR, AVB15TNR, AVB20RR, AVB20SR, AVB20TNR, AVG10RR, AVG10SR, AVG10TNR, AVG15RR, AVG15SR, AVG 15TNR, AVG20RR, AVG20SR, AVG20TNT, AVG30RR, AVG30SR, AVG30TNR, AVU10RR, AVU10SR, AVU10TNR, AVU15RR, AVU20RR, AVU20TNR, AVU30RR, AVU30SR, AVU30TNR

This part fits Matrx/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s) AC-075, AC-100, AC-100-2, AC-101, AMD-100, AMD-100-2, AMD100-3, AMD-101, AMD-102, AMD-2, AMD-2-115, AMD-4, AMD-6, Matrx (AirMax), OL-100, OL-100-2, OL-100-3, OL-100-3, OL-101

This part fits Tech West Dental Compressors Model(s): ACL2S1, ACL2S2, ACL4D2, ACL6T2, ACO2S1, ACO2S2, ACO4D2, ACO6T2, ACO8D2, ACORD2D1,ACORD2D2, Tech West

This Part Is Included In The Following Compressor PM Kits: CMK161, CMK162, CMK163, CMK185, CMK186, CMK187, CMK263, CMK264, CMK265, CMK266, CMK267, VPV124, VPV141