PM Kit For AMD-100-2 Dental Compressor

RPI Part CMK168

OEM Part No: 77000959

Compressor PM Kit

  • For lubricated dual headed Copeland compressor
  • Disposal Bag (Part RPB838) with cap, built in handle, and expandable base that can be used to easily collect and dispose of used oil
  • Extended Yorker Spout
  • (2) Replacement Filter Elements (Part CME004)
  • PM Sticker that can be attached to the compressor for recording the date that the filters and compressor oil were replaced

This part fits Matrx/Midmark Dental Compressor Model(s): AMD-100-2

Related parts that are also available but not included: Fresh Air Intake Filter Kit (Part CMK003), Syringe Pump/Extractor (Part RPT842), Drain Valve (Part RPV841), Bottle (1Liter 32 fl. oz.) (Part RPB939) and Absorbent Pad (Part RPP958)