Midmark M11 Sterilizer Reconditioned - New Style

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Sterilization is easy with the Midmark M11 UltraClaveâ„¢ Automatic Sterilizer.

A few simple steps complete the process. Just ...
1. Press the start/standby button.
2. The M11 automatically fills with the correct amount of water.
3. Select the cycle and the time is set.
4. Cycle time, start to finish, with unwrapped instrument is 22 minutes cold, 12 minutes hot.
5. Once the sterilization is complete, the M11’s door opens automatically to dissipate steam and dry instruments, insuring lasting sterility. The M11 sterilizes liquids, too – without boiling over.

Here is what we do when we refurbished these units:
We replaced everything except the motherboard basically.
All the top covers, door covers, valves, gaskets, etc. are replaced.
The side panels are repainted.
Two trays come with the sterilizer. More could be purchased.

p.s. To insure that the sterilizer will not get damaged, we ship these FedX Freight and cost is $220.00