Market Forge STM-E Sterilmatic Sterilizer - (95-2678)

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Market Forge STM-E Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Sterilmatic


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In the US and abroad, thousands of laboratories, processing plants, farms, and other related industries trust Sterilmatic STM-E for reliable and affordable sterilization solutions. Sterilmatic Sterilizers were designed for people who wish to have a steam sterilizer that is low-cost, automatic, and will always deliver optimal performance even after continuous operation for years.

It has the advantage of being able to use plain tap water as one of its economic features. In fact, you should only use tap water in these units. Water that has been distilled will damage the chamber and lead to premature pitting. In addition to its durable stainless steel construction, the unit is designed with adjustable leg extensions, which enable it to be installed over existing floor contours and leveled accordingly. In spite of its simple design and appearance, the Sterilmatic stand is a very effective method for mounting, since it permits secondary air circulation. As a result of the open design, this product is easy to regularly clean as it promotes the best possible sanitary conditions.

The Market Forge Sterilmatic autoclave can sterilize anything from simple glassware and rubber gloves to liquid samples and flasked solutions up to 1/2 Gallon (2 liters) in volume. It is the ideal companion for any well-equipped work area. Featuring 15 psi of pressure, the Sterilmatic also features a switch for instruments or liquids, along with instructions for easy operation.


  • Fast preheat Time
  • Fast exhaust for instruments and glassware
  • Slow exhaust for liquids
  • The safety door automatically seals when pressurized
  • External drainage


  • Reservoir: 4 gallons (15 liters)
  • Timer range: 1-60 minutes
  • Cycle time: Varies based on items to be sterilized (15-45 minutes)
  • Preheat time: 10 minutes from cold start, 4 minutes from warm start
  • Built-in temperature control provides 250 degrees F (121 degrees C
  • Holds 2 Trays


  • Overall Size - 18-3/4" (48 cm)W x 30" (76.2 cm)L x 27-5/8" (70.2 cm)H
  • Chamber - 16" (40.6 cm)Diameter x 26" (66 cm)L
  • Tray Size - 11-1/2" (29.2 cm)W x 19-1/2" (49.5 cm)L x 2-3/4" (6.98 cm)H
  • Unit Weight - 150 lbs. (68 kg)
  • Electrical: 208-240 Volts, 9000-12,000 Watts, 60 Hz, 26-52 Amps (Note: Stated values depend on whether you use a single phase or three phase wiring circuit)
90 Days Labor, 1 Year Parts Limited Warranty