Laryngoscope Handle, Medium Fiber Optic, Size C (4065F)

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Laryngoscope Handle, Medium Fiber Optic, Size (4065F)

Product: Handle
Type: Fiberoptic
Lamp: Xenon
Construction: Stainless Steel
Size Name: Medium
Size #: NA
Overall Length: 146mm

Well balanced power handle that offers bright illumination.

Satin Fiberoptic Handles feature:

  • Light source in handle simplifies blade cleaning, allows for use of brighter, whiter light
  • Satin handles with a knurled finish for a positive grip
  • Color coded green to signify compatibility ONLY with fiberoptic blades
  • Available in traditional “C”, “AA”, and stubby (“AA”)
  • Batteries not included
  • Fully compatible with all major brands of laryngoscopes conforming to ASTM F965 or ISO 7376