LabSci 60LV Vertical Tuttnauer Lab Autoclave

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LabSci 60LV Tuttnauer Vertical Lab Autoclave

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Designed to autoclave everything in your lab, including liquids.

The LabSci 60LV was developed specifically for educational institutions and research facilities. Designed with simplicity and economy in mind, these vertical floor standing autoclaves cover the fundamental needs for general lab sterilization with the aim of increasing the productivity of your laboratory. Offering high capacity, together with the optimizations of resources such as water, power and operating time, with built-in swivel for mobility. An affordable and reliable solution you can count on for managing your lab workload.


  • Simple To Use - Multi-colored touchscreen control makes it simple to operate
  • Easy To Install - No plumbing required
  • Integrated Temperature Probes - All liquid capable sterilizers include 2 temp. probes to prevent boil-over and ensuring proper sterilization
  • Large Loads - Perfect for large horizontal objects like Bioreactors
  • Options - Warming (95° to 104° C), Isothermal (80° to 94° C), F feature 21 CFR R.PC.R software biohazard filter


  • Chamber Volume (L): 60
  • Chamber Dimension (in): 15.4“ x 19.9“
  • External Dimension (in): 25.4“ x 38.8“ x 31.9“
  • Power: 220-240V, VAC, Single Phase 3000W, 31.1 Amps
  • Utilities: No Plumbing Required
  • Wastewater Water Tank (L): 3
  • Cooling Water Tank (L): 6

Your Data, Where You Need It

The LabSci Autoclaves gives you easy access to its cycle data; Via USB, ethernet or printer


Standard USB Connection - Download cycle history to store it on the network
Optional External Printer - Gives you a detailed cycle report
IOT Ready - WIFI/Cloud connection will soon be available ideal for (future) remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring:

- Remote monitoring of multiple autoclaves from any PC on your local network in real time
- Automatic downloading of cycle history to your PC
- Built in memory of T LAB ECO is capable of storing approximately 500-1000 max cycles
- Generate PDFs from cycle analysis that can easily be printed for future reference
- R.P.C.R. can also analyze, and store cycle history downloaded with USB drive

Choosing the right steam autoclave depends on several considerations: the type of loads, frequency of use, available services and load volumes. The Tuttnauer LabSci autoclave series successfully meets the challenges posed by sterilization in laboratories and research institutes.