Test Kit,Calibration Diagnostic/Tuttnauer Autoclave Part:Test-9/TUK108

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Tuttnauer Autoclaves Diagnostic Calibration Test Kit - 1730E Thru 3870

Part No: TUK108
OEM Part No: TEST-9

Diagnostic SmartKit

  • Calibrate/verify displayed pressure values.
  • Calibrate/verify the Temperature Sensor values.
  • Check and monitor all test point values from the AJUNC or ANL boards.
  • Plus, Kit includes a durable plastic case and troubleshooting information booklet

Includes the following individual parts:

  • Carrying Case (Part No: RPC476)
  • Ribbon Cable (Part No: TUC117)
  • Simulator PT-100 (Part No: TUT114)
  • Wire Harness 1 (Part No: TUh211)
  • Wire Harness 2 (Part No: TUh212)
  • Wire Harness 3 (Part No: TUh213)
  • Test Point Board (Part No: TUB109)
  • Pressure Gauge Assembly (Part No: TUG110)
  • Max Reg Thermometer (Part No: RPT113)
  • Trim Pot Adjustment Tool (Part No: RPT460)
  • Troubleshooting Information Booklet.

This Part Fits Tuttnauer Autoclaves and Sterilizers Models: 1730E, 1730EK, 2340E, 2340EA, 2340EKA, 2540E, 2540EA, 2540EHS, 2540EKA, 3870EHS, EZ10, EZ10k, EZ9

Parts that are also available but not included: Grounding Strap Part#RPS998, Chip Extractor Part# RPT962, Terminal Tool Kit Part# RPK961