Cylinder, Back Foot Kit, Midmark Ritter Table Part: 002-0003-00/MIC065

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Hydraulic Back/Foot Cylinder Kit For Exam Power Tables and Chairs

Part No: MIC065
OEM Part No: 002-0003-00

  • Includes: Cylinder, (3) Cable Tie (Part No: RPT279), (5) Cable Tie (Part No: RPT375), (10) Cable Tie (Part No: RPT085)
  • See Notes below for Serial #'s this part fits.

Fits: Table back and foot section of Midmark Ritter Table

This part fits Midmark/Ritter Exam Tables & Chairs Model(s): 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 116, 117, 119, 311, 318, 319, Evolution 75 (-002); Serial#: DF, Evolution 75 (-003); Serial#: DF, Evolution 75 (-004); Serial#: EM, Evolution 75 (-005); Serial#: EN, Evolution 75 (-006); Serial#: DZ, Evolution 75 (-007); Serial#: EY, Evolution 75 (-008); Serial#: EZ, Evolution 75 (-015); Serial#: KK, Evolution 75 (-018);Serial#: KL


Check Serial Numbers Here:
Fits Model Evolution 75: Back cylinder DF-1000 thru DF-2694. Foot cylinder all Serial #'s; Foot cylinder only.
Fits Models 110, 112, 113, 114 & 116: Fits All Serial #'s.
Fits Model 111: Back cylinder all Serial #'s prior to 37420 and all K Serial #'s, BX-1000 thru BX-1739, CA-1000 thru CA-1220. Foot cylinder all Serial #'s.
Fits Model 117: Back Cylinder from Serial #AJ-1000 thru present.
Fits Model 311 & 318: Foot Cylinder only.
Fits Model 119: Back Cylinder AN1000 thru Present, BY1000 thru BY2005, CA1000 thru CA1190, DF1000 thru DF2694. Foot cylinder all serial #'s.
Fits Model 319:Foot Cylinder only from Serial # HH-1000, HN-1000, KK-1000, KL-1000, V-2200 thru present.


Warning: When attaching hydraulic hoses to the cylinders, torque the hose fittings between (55 - 60 Inch Pounds only). Additional torque could damage the threads in the cylinders. When replacing hydraulic hoses, route hose exactly as the original was installed to avoid pinching, chaffing and premature wear. Remember to replace any removed clamps, cable ties and safety devices when installing new cylinders and hoses.