Fitting, Barb Elbow Midmark M9/M11 Autoclave Part: 014-0258-00/RPF684

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Elbow Barb Fitting For Midmark-Ritter M9/M11 Autoclave

Part No: RPF684
OEM Part No: 014-0258-00

  • 1/2 MPT x 3/4" barb
  • Black Nylon®

Related parts that are also available but not included: Safety Valve 35 PSI Part #PCV052 and Safety Valve 40 PSI Part #MIV090.

Fits: Safety Valve (35 PSI) (002-0359-00, Part #PCV052)

This Part Fits Midmark-Ritter Autoclaves and Sterilizers Model(s): M11, M11D, M9, M9D

  • M9-001 thru -019 with Serial Numbers CZ1000 thru present, DA1000 thru present, DB1000 thru present, DX1000 thru present, DY1000 thru present, FD1000 thru present, & OM1000 thru present
  • M9-020 thru -022 with Serial Numbers RN, RP, RR, & V1000 thru V721880
  • M9D-001 thru -019 with Serial Number Prefixes FF1000 thru present & FG1000 thru present
  • M9D-020 thru -022 thru Serial Number Prefixes RW, RX, & V1000 thru V721880
  • M11-001 thru -019 with Serial Numbers ES1000 thru present, ET1000 thru present, FP1000 thru present, FR1000 thru present, & GB1000 thru present
  • M11-020 thru -022 with Serial Number Prefixes RS, RT, RV, & V1000 thru V721880
  • M11D-001 thru -019 with Serial Numbers GC1000 thru present & GD1000 thru present
  • M11D-020 thru -022 with Serial Number Prefixes RY, RZ, & V1000 thru V721880