Valve, Drain For Name Brand Dental Compressor Part: PVV50525/RPV841

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Drain Valve For Name Brand Dental Compressors

Part No: RPV841
OEM Part No: PVV50525

Drain Valve

  • Tee handle
  • Material: Brass body/Steel Handle
  • Size: 1/8" MPT
  • 3 ft. of Tubing (5/16" ID CLR PVC) Part 849

This part fits Tech West Dental Compressors Model(s): ACL2S1, ACL2S1ND (2005 and Earlier), ACL2S2, ACL2S2ND (2005 and Earlier), ACL4D2, ACL4D2ND (2005 and Earlier), ACL6T2, ACL6T2ND (2005 and Earlier)

This part fits Apollo/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): ALCQL82, ALCQL82D, ALCRL62, ALCRL62D, ALCSL11, ALCSL11D, ALCSL12, ALCSL12D, ALCSL21, ALCSL21D, ALCSL22, ALCSL22D, ALCTL31, ALCTL31D, ALCTL32, ALCTL32D, ALCTL41, ALCTL41D, ALCTL42, ALCTL42D

This part fits Matrx/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): AMD-100, AMD-100-2, AMD-100-3, AMD-101, AMD-2, AMD-2-115, AMD-4, AMD-6

This part fits Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): CL21, CL22, CL32, CL52

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Notes: Replace the existing drain plug with RPI's new, one-of-a-kind Drain Valve to make your next oil change a breeze. RPI's Drain Valve has a special Tee-handle that allows you to easily open and close the valve to control the flow of oil as it is draining into the disposal bag Part RPB838