Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 (7-900-115)

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The Hyfrecator® 2000 Is The Top Choice For Clinical Electrosurgery


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The Hyfrecator® 2000 is a multi-function electrosurgical generator with both monopolar and bipolar modes, self-diagnostics, and recall of stored power settings. Upon installation physicians experience simple use, precise tissue therapy, and years of safe, reliable operation.

Features of This Unique Item Include:

High Output Terminal is designed to handle heavy desiccation and fulguration processes that call for a high degree of intensity.

Low Output Terminal is designed for the desiccation and fulguration processes that require a high degree of precision and low intensity. As a result of the independent outputs, two different therapeutic effects are achieved, thus improving the control of the desired clinical outcome. The control in low energy mode is very subtle, down to 1/10 of a watt. There are longer, broader arcs of current in Hi.

Dual Microprocessors The system consists of two microprocessors. One microprocessor controls the output and functionality of the system, while the other monitors the system and suspends the process if any safety hazards are detected. In the end, this results in regulated current delivery, while at the same time ensuring the safety of the system

Hyfrecator ® Unit Specifications
Depth: 4 inches (102mm)
Width: 8.75 inches (222mm)
Height: 7.5 inches (190mm)
Weight: 6 pounds (2.7kg)
Output Power: Low 0-20 watts (1/10 watt increments up to 10 watts)
High: 0-35 watts
Bipolar: 0-35 watts

What's In The Box ?

  • The Hyfrecator 2000 (7-900-115)
  • Reusable power up/down hand switching pencil
  • 5 Electrolase sharp tips
  • 5 Electrolase blunt tips
  • 2 handpiece sheaths
  • In-service training video on CD
  • Operator's Manual
  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • Power Cable
  • 5 year extended warranty papers

Autoclavable Pencils - Hyfrecator® offers both foot- or hand-activation. Standard with the Hyfrecator® 2000 is a reusable 7-900-5 steam autoclavable hand control pencil that has buttons for all of the power settings right on the pencil. As a result, the user has the option of quickly fine tuning the power output from the field in order to achieve the desired surgical effect. The pencils are designed with a non-spinning hex collar for multipositional fail-safe blade locking, and a durable, flexible pencil cord to reduce hand fatigue while using the pencil and to make connection with the unit as easy as possible.

Maintain Sterility - Keep your field sterile with Sterile Sheaths - The Sterile Sheath is a convenient and economical way to maintain sterility according to hygienic standards when using the Hyfrecator electrosurgical reusable pencils. There is a sheath designed to fit over both the ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 and other handheld instruments. Because of the extra length of the sheath, the instrument can be placed inside the sterile field. In addition to the sterile sheath, a non-sterile sheath is also available. A pencil sheath is a great way to extend the life of the pencil, reduce the amount of time spent changing between patients and prevent the pencil from coming into contact with contaminants.

Pinpoint Precision - With Electrolase® Electrodes - ConMed Electrolase® Disposable electrodes are available in either blunt or sharp tip configurations. Sharp Electrolase tips are ideal for procedures requiring pinpoint accuracy and control, while blunt Electrolase tips are ideal for general broad coagulation.

Safe and Convenient - Convenience and safety - The Electrolase® disposable electrodes are easily disposed of between patients, and the plastic safety collar simplifies handling and reduces the risk of accidental injury. Blunt and sharp tips are color coded to make rapid identification easier. On one hand, the blunt electrodes are dark grey and on the other hand, the sharp electrodes are white.

Reusable Electrodes - ConMed 7-900-115 offers a wide range of reusable electrode sizes and shapes to satisfy a variety of surgical needs with the Hyfrecator.

Bipolar Forceps - As a multi-function electrosurgical generator, The ConMed Hyfrecator® 2000 has a bipolar mode similar to those found in much larger systems. They are designed to grasp, manipulate and coagulate selected tissue. During therapy, the electric current alternates between the two tips, reducing the length of the current's path and producing a precise, controlled effect.

Telescoping Stand - The telescoping Hyfrecator mobile stand enables easy and flexible movement of the ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 where it is not already in each room. Just mount and go.

Two year factory warranty