Compressor PM Kit For Apollo/Midmark Dental Compressor

Part No: CMK171
OEM Part No: ACA85404

Compressor PM Kit

  • For oil-less dual headed compressors
  • Includes: Coalescing Filter Element (Part CMK025), (4) Replacement Filter Element (Part CME004), PM Sticker and PM checklist
  • All parts also sold separately

This part fits Apollo/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): AOCOS31, AOCOS31D, AOCOS31DQ, AOCOS31Q, AOCOS32, AOCOS32D, AOCOS32DQ, AOCOS32Q, AOCOS42, AOCOS42D, AOCOS42DQ, AOCOS42Q, AOCOT32, AOCOT32D, AOCOT32DQ, AOCOT32Q, AOCOT42, AOCOT42D, AOCOT42DQ, AOCOT42Q

Related parts that are also available but not included: Fresh Air Intake Filter Kit (Part No: CMK003)