PM Kit For Apollo/Midmark Dental Compressor

Part No: CMK170

OEM Part No: ACA85403

Compressor PM Kit

  • For oil-less single head compressors
  • Includes: Coalescing Filter Element (Part CMK024), (2) Replacement Filter Elements (Part CME004), PM Checklist and PM Sticker that can be attached to the compressor for recording the date that the filters were replaced.

This part fits Apollo/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): AOCOS11, AOCOS11D, AOCOS11DQ, AOCOS11Q, AOCOS12, AOCOS12D, AOCOS12DQ, AOCOS12Q, AOCOS21, AOCOS21D, AOCOS21DQ, AOCOS21Q, AOCOS22, AOCOS22D, AOCOS22DQ, AOCOS22Q, AOCRT21DQ, AOCRT21Q, AOCRT22DQ, AOCRT22Q, R22

Related parts also available but not included: Fresh Air Intake Filter Kit (Part No: CMK003)

Notes: Special note regarding Model R-22 - This Kit fits Model R22 only with the 10 gallon tank. For units with 20, 30 or 40 gallon tanks, use Compressor PM Kit (Part CMK273)