Filter, Coalescing Assenbly Dental Compressors Part:62985200/CMA021

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Coalescing Filter Assembly For Dental Compressor

Part No: CMA021
OEM Part No: ACA70305/77005010/62985200/M16-03-FMO

Coalescing Filter Assembly (5 oz.)

  • Wilkerson brand M16
  • Parts also sold separately
  • Includes: Differential Pressure Indicator, Coalescing Filter Element, Auto Drain Float, and PM sticker.

Fits: Compressor Output Manifold / Wall Mount

This part fits Air Techniques Dental Compressors Model(s): AirStar® 1, AirStar® 2-1, AirStar® 2-2, AirStar®10, AirStar®10C, AirStar®21, AirStar®21C, AirStar®22, AirStar®22C

This part fits Apollo/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): ALCSL11, ALCSL11D, ALCSL12, ALCSL12D, ALCSL21, ALCSL21D, ALCSL22, ALCSL22D, Apollo

This part fits Matrx/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): AMD-100, AMD-100-2, AMD-100-3, AMD-101, AMD-2, AMD-2-115, AMD-4, AMD-6, OL-2000, OL-2001, OL-4000, OL-6000, Matrx (Airmax)

Other Related Parts that are available But Not Included: Mounting Bracket (Part CMB087), Blank Cover (Part CMC086)

Other Replacement Filters That Are Available But Not Included:

  • Coalescing Filter Element - Type C; 0.01 micron (Part CMK024)
  • Coalescing Filter Element - Type B; 0.5 micron (Part CMK005)
  • Coalescing Fliter Element (Generic) - Type C; 0.01 micron (Part CMK025)