Cleaner, Chamber Brite Tuttnauer Autoclave Cleaner Part: CB0010-1

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Brand: Tuttnauer
SKU: CB0010-1(box)
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Tuttnauer Chamber Brite Cleaner For Tuttnauer Autoclaves

Note - Not For T-Edge or Elara - Use CB0030

Tuttnauer Autoclave Part Number: CB0010

One of the most effective and easy to use autoclave cleaners. Chamber Brite is an acidic granulated cleansing compound formulated to effectively clean and descale the chamber, reservoir and copper tubing. No Mess, No Hassles, No Measuring.

Tuttnauer Chamber Brite powder is simply the easiest way to keep Tuttnauer autoclaves clean and free of water deposit build-up. Designed specifically for Tuttnauer steam sterilizers.


  • 12boxes/10 packs per box
  • Usage promotes efficiency
  • Odor free
  • Easy storage

NOTE: Chamber Brite is not recommended for a sterilizer with a submersible heating element.

This Part Fits Tuttnauer Autoclaves and Sterilizers Model(s) All Except NOT For T-Edge or Elara