Bovie MI 1000 LED Procedure, Surgery Light

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Medical Light-MI1000 Operating Room Lights LED - Bovie Medical


There are many advantages to having LED operating room lights by Bovie®. They provide cool, continuous 4300° K bright, white medical lighting with superior shadow reduction for 50,000 hours. This ceiling-mounted surgical light requires virtually, no bulb replacement, no burnout, just dependable visibility.

As part of the innovative MI LED surgical lights offered by Bovie Medical Corporation, this light is the first in their cutting-edge series. Medical lamps emit very low levels of heat with an output rating of 65000 Lux (6,000 foot-candles) at a color temperature of 4,300 degrees Kelvin. Designed with a new generation of green technology, the MI 1000 utilizes significantly less electricity than traditional halogen lights. Long-life LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours, which virtually eliminates the need to change the bulbs inconveniently. A five-stage dimming control and a turn-on/turn-off switch located on the bottom of the sterilizable handle can be used to control the intensity output. To achieve the highest level of color accuracy, an advanced lens has been developed that combines all emitted colors into one focused beam of very white light, so you can achieve unprecedented color accuracy. There is a special front diffuser lens system on all MI Series lights that allows each beam to be individually redirected into a single, coherent, even light field. The MI 1000 LED is available in a variety of mounting styles and can be backed with a 3-year warranty as well.
MI-1000 LED Operating Room Light is a completely re-engineered LED Operating Room Light featuring a longer, more stable arm (now 66"). Surgical room lighting that is mounted on the ceiling.
  • A COMPELLING LIGHT Medical Illumination International's MI 1000 light is part of the "cutting-edge" line of MI LED products.
  • Cool To Use - It emits very little heat
  • Brightness The MI 1000 light output is rated at 65 000 lux (6,000-foot-candles) at a color temperature of 4,300 degrees Kelvin
  • EFFICIENT "GREEN TECHNOLOGY"...the MI 1000 light uses a considerably lower amount of electricity than standard halogen lights
  • RELIABILITY Lighting equipment (excluding replacement parts) has a three (3) yr. limited warranty. Long-life LED's rated up to 50,000 hrs.*
  • CONVENIENT No replacement bulbs or fuses necessary... lower overall maintenance costs
  • VERSATILE Available in a variety of mounting options
  • INNOVATIVE Five-stage dimming and on/off switch controlled from sterilizable handle.
Intended use
The MI-1000 is an AC-powered Surgery Light Device that provides a field of illumination for general examination and surgery. When ordering we need the ceiling height so we know which extension arm to ship out with the light.
These extension rods are at no extra cost for ceiling heights of 9' 7" or less.
Optical and Performance
Number of LEDs - 36

Output: 100,000 Lux @ 39.4" (1m)
Color Temperature: 4,300°K
CRI: 97
Focal Length: 39.4" 1 meter
Dimming Levels - 5
Dimming Percentages - 100%, 87%, 75%, 62%, 50%
Endo Mode - YES
Light Field Diameter: (d10) 08.37" (0209mm)
Light field diameter: (d50) 04.9" (0124mm)
Depth of Illumination: 24" (610mm)
Shadow Dilution
Illuminance (one mask): 27.2%
Illuminance (two masks): 37.2%
Illuminance (tube with one mask): 24.3%
Illuminance (tube with two masks): 40.3%Irradiance: 295 W/m²
ARM SIZES AND EXTENSION KITS For Ceiling Mounted Surgical Lights
CR9 - 9" Ceiling Rod - Ceiling Height (8'0" to 8'10" Mounts)
CR20 - 20" Ceiling Rod - Ceiling Heights (8'11" to 9'8" Mounts)
ECK-30 - 30" Extended Ceiling Rod - Ceiling Heights (9'9" to 10'6" Mounts)
ECK-40 - 40" Extended Ceiling Rod - Ceiling Heights (10'7" to 11'4" Mounts)
ECK-50 - 50" Extended Ceiling Rod - Ceiling Heights (11'5" to 12'2" Mounts)
Size and Weight
Light Head Weight: 14.6 lbs (6.6kg)

Light Head Dimensions: 018" (0457mm) 4"H (102mm)
Arm Assembly Weight: Single 48.3 lbs (21.9 kg)
Arm Floor: Approximately 11.5 lbs (5.2kg)This ships in one box - 32" x 22" 16" - 60 lbs

Articulating Arm Vertical Movement: +20 degrees up, -60 degrees down
Articulating Arm Horizontal Movement: 540 degrees
Articulating Arm/Yoke Interface: 540 Degrees
Yoke/Lamp Head Interface: 300 degrees
Input Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 100W max
LED life: 50,000 hours (average)
Operating Temperature: 41-104 °F (5-40 °C)

Storage Temperature Range: 41-113 °F (5-45 °C)
Humidity: 10% - 90% Relative Humidity
3 Year Limited Warranty Medical Illumination lighting equipment is warranted against defective material and or workmanship, excluding normal repalcement parts (e.g. bulbs, sterilizable handles or glass items), for a period of three (3) years from the date of shipment. This limited warranty applies exclusively to the repair or replacement of parts recognized as defective by Medical Illumination, are in normal use, and have not been modified or repaired by unauthorized personnel. This warranty extends only to the first retail purchases of a product, and is not transferable or assignable. This warranty supersedes all other guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied.