Bovie Specialist PRO/ A1250s - Electrosurgical Generator

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Bovie Specialist PRO A1250S Electrosurgical Generator


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A1250S - ESU Electrosurgical Generator

Bovie's Specialist Pro is the electrocautery solution for physician practices and specialty facilities that have a high demand for electrocautery. As an operating room cautery generator, the unit is designed in a compact, low-watt package and can be used in a variety of operating rooms. With the multipurpose unit, you can perform monopolar and bipolar procedures in the office.

With up to 120 watts of power, the Specialist PRO offers five common energy outputs that can be controlled by the sleek design of the new push-button controller. Among the modalities available are Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration, and Standard Bipolar.

An industry-standard connection allows for a variety of monopolar and bipolar accessories to be used with this system. This allows for energy versatility across a variety of specialties, such as OBGYN, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, ER, and more.

Bovie NEM neutral electrode monitoring allows you to ensure the proper connectivity of the electrode pads during a procedure, thereby increasing patient safety.

Bovie Specialist PRO is backed by the unmatched 4-year manufacturer warranty, which is offered exclusively by Bovie.

Product Specifications

Height: 15cm (6 in.)
Width: 26cm (10.25 in.)
Depth: 30.5cm (12 in.)
Weight <4Kg (< 9 lbs.)

Output Power
Cut: 120 Watts
Blend: 90 watts (60% Cut, 40% Coag)
Coagulation: 80 watts
Fulguration: 40 watts
Bipolar: 30 watts

Output Frequency
350-600 kHz

Line Voltage
A1250S: 100 - 240 VAC

Line Frequency
50-60 Hz

Four Years


What's In The Box - (Standard Equipment)
A1250S electrosurgical cautery generator
ESP1 sterile disposable pencil
ES01 blade, ES02 needle, ES20 ball (1 each) sterile disposable electrodes
ESRE (5) split disposable return electrode
A1252C (2) reusable grounding cords
110 VAC Hospital-grade power cord
220 VAC Hospital-grade power cord
User's guide (MC-55-237-001)


The Bovie Specialist|PRO is backed by the unmatched 4-year manufacturer warranty, offered only by Bovie.