Fan, Cooling Various Name Brand Dental Compressors Part: 41060/CMF019

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115V Cooling Fan For Name Brand Dental Compressors

Part No: CMF019
OEM Part No: 41060/SEA95535/3-08-0578-10/5451400/JA5445100/CF-115/65995000/2696

Cooling Fan

  • Size: 4-11/16" x 4-11/16" x 1-1/2"
  • Includes: Mounting hardware
  • Aluminum housing
  • Ball bearing

Fits: Dental Compressor Sound Cover

This part fits Tech West Dental Compressors Model(s): ACL2S1, ACO2S1, ACORD2D1, Tech West

This part fits Air Techniques Dental Compressors Model(s): HP, Air Techniques-Dental Compressors, AirStar® 1, AirStar® 2-1, AirStar®10,AirStar®10C, AirStar®21, DR1 L-60, DR1 L-61, L-60, L-61, MODEL 60, MODEL 62

This part fits Apollo/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): ALCSL11, ALCSL11D, ALCSL21, ALCSL21D, ALCTL11,ALCTL21, ALCTL31, ALCTL31D, ALCTL41, ALCTL41D, Apollo, Apollo/Midmark Dental Compressor Sound Covers, OS21D

This part fits Matrx/Midmark Dental Compressors Model(s): AMD-101, AMD-2-115, OL-2001

This part fits Dental-EZ Dental Compressors Model(s): CA-711, CA-713, CA-721, CA-812, CA-813-D, CA-912, DentalEZ

This part fits Jun-Air Dental Compressors Model(s):CA-711,CA-713, CA-812, CA-813-D, CA-912, Jun-Air

This part fits DCI/MDT McKesson Dental Compressors Model(s): McKesson

This Cooling Fan also replaces the fan in the following Dental Compressor Sound Covers:

  • Apollo/Midmark OEM Part Numbers 85961 and 85962-1