Tuttnauer EZ9 with Printer

Item #: Z-TUT-EZ9P-N


  1. It will fill the chamber with water
  2. it will start the sterilization process
  3. It will vent
  4. It will dry.
  5. All Automatically
  6. Very simple and easy to use.
  7. Active closed door Hepa Filtered drying system.
  8. Three(3) trays. One push of a button, and leave the rest to automation.
  9. Built in Printer to show date of sterilization, Start & End Time
  10. Voltage: 120V 50/60 Power Current 1400W 12 Amps
  11. ALL Programs Parameters can be Customized and stored.
  12. Warranty:Two years parts & Labor.
  13. This is a brand new sterilizer.

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