Pelton and Crane Delta 8 Q 115V Sterilizer Autoclave

Item #: Z-DELTA8-Q-115


Pelton Crane Delta 8 Q 115V sterilizer autoclave

Closed door drying is essential, as it prevents the interruption of the full Sterilization process. Competitive models allow open-door drying, which exposes wet instruments to potentially harmful airborne contaminants. 

Proper Ergonomics is important to the health and well being of all dental office associates. The Delta Q features an ergonomic handle and a user- friendly technology interface. 

Optional cassette rack accommodates up to three large and three small cassettes per load. 

-Printer replaced by PC CABLE- 
The Delta Q features an innovative PC cable which allows the user and/or technician to download sterilization history to his or her PC, thus eliminating the need for costly printers and paper.

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