Market Forge Sterilizer (208V 1Phase, 2 Wire + One Ground 60Hz) Fix Temp

Item #: Z-MF-STME-F-N (2)


  1. The Market Forge Sterilmatic STME autoclave is a full size autoclave, roomy and spacious with many features. 
  2. 208V 1Phase, 2 Wire + One Ground 60Hz) Fix Temp without stand. 
  3. This instrument contains a 16" dia. x 26" deep chamber made of clad aluminum, exhaust speed dial with fast (1 minute for instruments and glassware) and slow (10 minutes for liquids) settings and a 0 - 60-minute timer. 
  4. The Sterilamatic will heat up to a temperature of 121 C (250 F). The exterior is made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning and sanitation. 
  5. This unit preheats quickly, reaching sterilizing temperature in 8 to 10 minutes from cold start, 3 to 7 minutes in continued use. 
  6. It will automatically maintain set temperature with a release pressure and shut off power supply at end of cycle. 
  7. All controls are mounted on the front of the apparatus for ease of use. Furthermore the doors lock automatically and cannot be opened until pressure is exhausted. 
  8. Also incorporated are low-water cutoffs and safety valves. 
  9. Warranty 90 Labor, and 12 months parts.
  10. Electricians take note
    1. This sterilizer is not equipped with cord set. 
    2. You will need to either create a cord set, or create a hard-wire connected to a circuit breaker box. 
    3. Click HERE for electrical diagram connection. 
    4. All you need to know from us is what voltage the machine is to be connected to and the phase (single phase, or three phase), which is listed above. 
  11. Condenser coil pn MZZ100705 is an option.
  12. (208 Volts, 1Phase, 2Wire, 60Hz)
  13. Trays are optional.
  14. Shipping dimensions:  32"x21"x37"chine.  
  15. Please note: If your building is wired for 220V, then get the 240V machine, it will work better.  Click HERE for the link of the 240V.

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