Astell 63 litre Front Loading Compact Autoclave

Item #: Z-UMB240BT-N


The 'Autofill' version of Benchtop autoclaves uses Astell’s unique recirculation system - meaning that there is no need for the autoclave to be connected to any services other than a standard electric power supply. The autofill version of the Benchtop range differs from the 'Classic' version as it has an integral reservoir built into the inside of the unit. The user simply has to top up this internal tank via a removable screw lid, and a single fill will last for approximately 15 - 20 cycles.

At the start of each cycle the chamber is automatically filled from the reservoir, and following sterilization the autoclave then automatically drains any excess water from the chamber and returns it to the internal tank. This saves the user having to top up the autoclave after every cycle, and also ensures that no provision for condensate collection is necessary.

Following automatic drainage of the chamber, this clever system then also allows users to activate the 'Pulsed Heat Drying system'. Available exclusively on the 33-63 litre 'Autofill' range, this feature allows quick and easy drying of pipette tips, empty glassware and other plastics at the end of the cycle.

This model features

  • A fully programmable touch screen color controller

  • An electro polished stainless steel chamber

  • A base shelf within the chamber

  • An ultra quick Swiftlock door mechanism

  • A self contained design with no installation required - just fill it with water and plug it in and the machine is ready to be used.

  • A pulsed-heat drying system, which is adjustable in 5 minute steps (available when running a non-fluid cycle. Not suitable for drying fabrics or porous loads). Available on 'Autofill' Bench top models only.

  • Angled chamber orientation, ensuring a greatly reduced water requirement every sterilization cycle.

  • Power supply:  208V/220V, 60Hz

  • Steam source: heaters in the chamber

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