All American 1941X Sterilizer - Non Electric

Item #: Z-WISC-1941X-N


All American 1941X non-electric cast aluminum sterilizer. 41.5 quart liquid capacity. All-American Sterilizers make it possible for all doctors, dentists, first aid stations, hospitals, and laboratories to have fool-proof sterilization facilities at an extremely low cost. Used over any effective heat source, it is only a matter of minutes to secure dry sterile dressings and instruments, with all bacteria and micro-organisms destroyed. Only a small amount of water is needed to create the dry steam. At a temperature of 250 degrees F. or 15 P.S.I., it penetrates bandages, hinges and crevasses in any instrument making them sterile in 30 minutes and ready for immediate use. No wiping is necessary to remove chemical residue or moisture, and cutting are not dulled. UL approved. Heavy cast aluminum cover & bottom construction. Aluminum alloy seamless inset container. Aluminum rack. Flexible metal exhaust tube. Dial gauge and control valve. Metal-to-metal seal (no rubber gaskets). Large sterilizing capacity. Complete and effective sterilization at the lowest possible cost. Packed in individual corrugated cartons.

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