Sentry Reconditioned Sterilizer

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**Please Call for Availability** This is a work horse of a sterilizer. It comes with automatic shut off and automatic venting mechanism. It will work forever for you. It is the fastest Pelton's sterilizer. It takes about 7 minutes to get to 273f. So, if you sterilize unwrapped instruments, you will be done in 10 minutes. Comes with 2 trays. Automatic shut off and vent. One year warranty for parts & labor (except door gasket and filter). Reservoir drain is conveniently located on the front for easy cleaning. Clear, concise operating instructions makes training easy. Very simple and easy door locking mechanism. Green area is clearly marked on both the temperature and pressure gauge showing the normal sterilization range for quick monitoring. Indicator lights show "Power On", "Heat On". Buzzer sounds at the end of sterilization cycle alerting operator that sterilization has ended, and that instruments can be removed. Water reservoir has large capacity to adequately cool condensed steam, reducing the need for refilling.