Pelton Crane Validator 8 Plus Sterilizer Reconditioned

Regular price $2,870.00

Four program provide the proper temperature and pressure to sterilize most instruments and materials used in your practice. Chamber size 8.2"x 15" Outside Dimensions 17 1/2"wide x 19 1/2"deep x 12 1/2"high Start up time Warm 11 minutes Cold 25 minutes. Power Requirement 120 or 220-240 volts 50-60Hz (120volts). This 8" dia x 15" deep sterilizer is the sterilizer to get when budget is low. It comes with one year warranty for parts and labor. Automatic shut off and venting mechanism will insure proper shut down at the end of the cycle. Chamber Size: 8" Diameter 15" Deep Rebuild Machine Automatic (electronic) controlled Steam Sterilizer Power Supply: 110V Weight: 65.00 Pounds.