Pelton Crane Validator 10 Plus Sterilizer Reconditioned

Regular price $2,970.00
  1. This 10" dia x 18" deep sterilizer is the sterilizer to get when budget is low.
  2. It comes with 90 days warranty for parts and labor.
  3. Automatic shut off and venting mechanism will insure proper shut down at the end of the cycle.
  4. At the heart of the validator is a microchip memory that is programmed for easy use.
  5. Four program provide the proper temperature and pressure to sterilize most instruments and materials used in your practice. Using the validator is simple.
  6. With the power on, all you have to do is load the chamber, choose the proper program and push one button.
  7. The Validator does the rest filling, heating, sterilizing, venting, and drying-freeing the operator for other tasks.
  8. Power Requirement 120 or 220-240 volts 50-60Hz (120volts).