Magna Clave Remanufactured Sterilizer original style w stand

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  1. The Pelton and Crane MagnaClave sterilizer is a manually-operated sterilizer with a 15-inch internal-diameter by 30-inch-deep, round, stainless-steel chamber.
  2. The overall dimensions of the unit are 22.25 inches high by 28 inches wide by 34.25 inches deep.
  3. The 208-volt sterilizer, rated at 5000 watts, requires a dedicated, direct-wired, 30-amp electrical circuit.
  4. The unit is UL-544 listed and ASME certified.
  5. Four indicator lights identify the power, chamber heat, sterilization mode, and chamber door status.
  6. Sterilization time and temperature are adjustable and can be recorded with an optional, circular time/temperature chart recorder.
  7. Also, two gauges provide visual "green-zone" indication of correct internal temperature and pressure.
  8. The MagnaClave is best suited for use in medium-to-large clinics with 10 or more providers.