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Quantity: is giving you an alert. The alert is to let you know that stricter rules about sterilization monitoring are about to be imposed. Be prepared for it.

Today, most new sterilizers are being manufactured with a built-in printer. That is because it is important to know whether every cycle “sterilized the instruments?”

By using the Be Assured Data Logger along with regular biological spore testing you will be able to record, monitor, and then validate your sterilizers performance.

Although you are bagging instruments, the color change indicators do not validate sterilization. All that the color change validates is that these bags were subject to high temperatures.

By using the Be Assured Data Logger and regular testing, you can be confident that the instruments you are using are sterile and safe.

It would be a shame having to replace such a reliable sterilizer such as Pelton and Crane only due to mandatory regulations of having a sterilizer that can be monitored ... to throw it away should the printer rule demand that you use only a sterilizer that can be monitored.

When manual sterilizers were designed, recording devices were not part of the thinking.

We designed a printer with your sterilizer in mind -
The ‘Be Assured’ Data Logger, from (Your Sterilizer Experts)

Some Q&A

Q - How does this data logger work? Is it a printer? Or one that connects directly to a computer?
A - It is connected to your computer via wifi ... to your google sheets. Every cycle is recorded

Q - Do we need to download the data that are logged daily?
A - No need to download anything. Just open google sheets, and the data is right there. You can however, print it if you wish for a hard copy record.

Q - Could you please let me know what installation is involved or how the data is retrieved?
A - A local repair dealer of ours will come to install.

Q - What maintenance is involved and what happens if it stopped working?
A - We can log on to your device remotely for troubleshooting. If a component is damaged, we ship you a replacement. Original one comes with one 91) year warranty.

Q - Where and how do we service these loggers?
A - Nothing to service

Q - Does the price include installation?
A - Yes. Installation & setup

Q - What data specifically is being documented to prove proper autoclave function?
A - The temperature of every cycle is being recorded from start to end.
It will record the temperature every minute.
Each cycle, date and time will be saved to the cloud, and you will be able to view the data on your Google Sheet of your computer, or print at any given time to your regular printer.

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