Amsco refurbished sterilizer model 3023 20x20x38 chamber

SKU: Z-AMSCO-3023-02
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  1. This Amsco 3023 is a single door unit, cabinet.
  2. The Sterilizer Refurbishing Process starts with a used unit.
  3. These units are stripped of all components, including panels, and controls.
  4. The chamber is removed from the frame and stripped of it's insulating blanket. A.S.M.E (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) boiler plate stamps and numbers are inspected to qualify the chamber for it's intended use.
  5. The door is removed from the chamber and completely disassembled.
  6. The chamber, stand, and door are then moved from our disassembly area to our bead blast facility.
  7. Bead blasting provides a smoother, stronger, finish than sand blasting.
  8. The chamber is then subjected to Hydro-Static Testing, as required by law to certify it's integrity as a pressure vessel.
  9. The unit then goes to the paint shop where the chamber exterior and stand are first coated with a rust inhibitive sealant, and the finish is applied. With this completed, a new insulating blanket is installed.
  10. Then the chamber is attached to the newly finished stand. All components are new, or refurbished and meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer's specifications.