Tuttnauer 3870HSG Class B Autoclave

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General Features of the Tuttnauer 3870HSG Class B Autoclave:
- Built-in high volume water-ring vacuum-pump produces a deep vacuum for fast and efficient air removal 
- No table required due to built-in carriage on wheels 
- No waiting between cycles due to stand-by steam available from built-in 9 kW steam sterilizer 
- High grade 316L grade stainless steel chamber and door with electro-polish finish 
- Easy access for service and maintenance of all parts of the autoclave 
- RS 232 PC Connection Port for direct software updates and remote maintenance 

Safety Features of the Tuttnauer 3870HSG Class B Autoclave:
- Double locking safety device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized 
- Control lock-out switch prevents starting a cycle if door is not properly locked 
- Control system protection prevents door from opening at high pressure and temperature 
- Automatic safety shutoff prevents overheating of the chamber 

The 3870 HSG comes with a standard Plug and Play option to operate only with an electric power connection. In this mode there is no need to connect the autoclave to the building utilities for distilled water, tap water and drain. 

The 3870 HSG can be operated as a stationary sterilizer connected to building utilities for distilled and tap water supply, drain and electricity. 

The HSG is a very fast sterilizer due to stand-by steam and quick drying. Steam is available immediately from a strong built-in 9 kW steam generator. Quick drying is achieved by post vacuum steam removal with a powerful water-ring vacuum-pump. 

The 3870 HSG can use an optional highly efficient water recycling system consuming only 5 liters of tap water a day. An equivalent machine uses 80 to 100 liters per cycle

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