Spore Test - SteamPlus Sterilization Intergrator 1000/pk

Item #: SSI-1000


  1. STEAMPlus is an immediate readout integrator for use in gravity, pre-vacuum and flash cycles. 
  2. This product is tested to ST-60 and ISO 11140-1:2005 performance claims of Class 5 integrating integrators. 
  3. Four inch strip has distinct pass/fail criteria and allows for easy removal from packs. 
  4. The STEAMPlus is FDA cleared as, equivalent in performance to a biological indicator, and offers the highest level of sterility assurance from a chemical indicator. The STEAMPlus does not replace the routine use of a biological indicator.
  5. The biggest benefit of the STEAMPlus test is that you can tell right away at the end of the cycle weather your sterilizer is working well or not.
  6. The shelve life of this product is 2 years.
  7. There are one thousand (1000) tests in this package

     the benefit of this test is that you will know for sure if your sterilizer is working or not RIGHT AT THE END OF EACH CYCLE

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