N95 Mask Decontaminator

Item #: N95 Mask Decontaminator


  1. The existing cPac RapidHeat Sterilizer which is being used to sterilize instruments for dentists and medical doctors, was repurposed to the RH-N95 Decontamination System.
  2. You may stack up-to 48 masks per cycle
  3. You may decontaminate 20 cycles of each mask.
  4. The RH-N95 Decontamination System provides fast, effective method of Decontaminating N95 masks without compromising mask performance
  5. Up to 100 masks per hour can be decontaminated.
  6. 30 Minutes cycle
  7. Low Temperature @ 155°F
  8. Click HERE for Summary of cPac HVHA RH-N95
  9. Click HERE for Decontaminating N95 Masks Using-RapidHeat Technology
  10. Click HERE for the FDA Statement of March 29th 2020 permitting the use of this contaminator under FDA Emergency Authority.
  11. Click HERE for the FDA Emergency Use Authorization for the RH-N95 Decontamination System

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