Midmark Ritter M3 M9 and M11 and Statim 2000/5000 Data Logger

Item #: 9A155001U


  1. This Data Logger, SteriLogger is designed for the Midmark/Ritter line of M3/M9/M11 sterilizers/autoclaves, including the first generation (red display) M9/M11 sterilizers/autoclaves.
  2. SteriLogger is for the Statim 2000/5000 cassette type sterilizers.
  3. All sterilization cycles are stored on the included SD Card.
  4. All saved cycle files are date and time stamped automatically.
  5. All cycle files have an electronic key added to secure each saved file.
  6. Install and all your sterilizer cycle data is automatically and silently saved for you!
  7. As a replacement for the paper printer the manufacture offers, this fully electronic unit does much more.
  8. Ministry of Health regulations require logging date and time, temp and pressure data points for every cycle.
  9. You save the ongoing cost of feeding a paper printer, rolls of paper and ink ribbon cartridges.
  10. With this Sterilizer cycle Data Logging unit, staff are freed from having to deal with all the paper print outs, replacing paper rolls and ink ribbons.
  11. This Data Logging unit plugs in just like the paper printer would and sits on top of your Sterilizer. Now all your sterilizer cycle data is saved to the SD card (included) automatically.
  12. When the sterilizer cycle data is required, simply take the SD card to your computer where all the cycle files are arranged in year and month folders, by date, time and cycle numbers.
  13. The  individual sterilizer cycle files are recorded as text files and easily displayed and/or printed out from your computer as required. Optionally, you can include your practice name and the sterilizer serial number which will be added to every saved cycle file.

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