Market Forge Stationary TRI-LEG Direct Steam Kettle F-80L

Item #: Z-MF-F-80L


Will be a Market Forge direct connected stationary tri-leg steam jacketed kettle model: F-80L 80 Gallon (303 liter) Capacity Kettle will be constructed of welded satin finish stainless steel, type 304. A double wall kettle interior will form a steam jacket around the lower 2/3 of the kettle. The kettle bottom will be of elliptical design for superior heat circulation. Tri-leg mounting frame of stainless steel pipe will conceal the steam piping. Each leg will be fitted with a four-hole adjustable flange foot for securing to the floor. A sealed stainless steel tilting mechanism will permit the kettle to tilt forward a full 90o for complete emptying. The tilting mechanism will be self-locking for positive stop action. Steam control valve will be mounted on control box. Unit will include as standard a Steam Control Kit (CKT-1).

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